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602SQL Open Server 11

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602SQL Open Server is a relational database management system for MS Windows and Linux based on the client-server model. The system provides ODBC, PHP and SDBC (for integration) connectivity, along with a graphical development environment and SQL debugger. History of 602SQL is more than 10 years old. From version 11 it has been published under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Main window of 602SQL Open Server 11

Basic Description

The SQL language implemented in the 602SQL server is based on the ANSI/ISO norm, SQL 2 Intermediate level, but also allows you to develop procedures and triggers based on the SQL 3 norm. The SQL language contains a rich set of data types, active referential integrity and powerful relational operations as OUTER JOIN or INTERSECT.

Other above standard server attributes are e.g. the privilege system allowing you to grant privileges even for columns and rows in tables, close integration with electronic mail or debuggers for simple procedure debugging. Further there are optional commercial extensions containing advanced fulltext and XML functions.

Server security is provided by various mechanisms that control database access, backup data and guarantee the atomicity of running transactions.

ODBC, JDBC and SDBC drivers are available for accessing the server, native interface for C/C++ and Pascal/Delphi languages. The PHP module is also available for accessing the database from the WWW browsers.

The 602SQL Development and Management Client contains effective tools for developing database applications back-end. These tools allow you to visually design tables, queries and other components, import and edit data etc.

Detailed Description

Development and Management Client

Development and Management Client is a basic tool for development and management of database applications for 602SQL server. It contains interactive tools for comfortable creating of tables, queries or relations. For writing of procedures and triggers the integrated text editor is available.

Client enables also browsing or editing of table data, data exports and imports, users administration, setting of server parameters and monitoring.

Debugger is a part of Development and Management Client and simplifies error location and removal in procedures and triggers. It allows you trace a program, look deep into subprocedures, evaluate expressions, watch and change variable values etc. Profiling which relates to debugging enables to obtain information about how many times was certain activity made and how much time was connected with this activity.

SQL console is of course available for SQL statements launching. Commands are proceeded immediately, queries will be evaluated and new window with an answer will be opened.

SQL Server Operation

The 602SQL database server may be run as an ordinary interactive task or as a service (daemon). These variants are available both in Windows and Linux.

Fulltext System (commercial extension)

Fulltext document indexing and search are parts of 602SQL Server. The fulltext extension in 602SQL is capable of:

XML Format Support (commercial extension)

602SQL supports the XML format and so it allows smooth structured data transfer in heterogeneous mediums between XML files and database.

Unlike other text formats, the XML format may capture data no matter how the data is structured. Therefore, it is very useful for storing data linked with a relational database.

Data relations are usually presented differently in the XML file than in the relational database. Elements are nested in other elements in XML, while record relations in a relational database are made according to identical key values. Therefore, transformations are done during data transfer.

Goals of a transfer between XML files and database: