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Error Numbers and Description when Working with E-mails

Error numbers specific to e-mail functions are >= 500

MAIL_NOT_INITIALIZED 500 Mail system not initialized. An application is trying to create an e-mail or open a mailbox without previously initializing the mail system.
MAIL_ERROR 501 Unknown (unexpected) mail error.
MAIL_NOT_REMOTE 502 The mailing service is not configured as remote (not used for SMTP/POP3 mail).
MAIL_TYPE_INVALID 503 Incorrect mail type, the specified mail does not support the selected mail type.
MAIL_LOGON_FAILED 504 Error on login, probably an incorrect username or password.
MAIL_BAD_PROFILE 505 Incorrect profile, specified profile not registered etc..
MAIL_BAD_USERID 506 Incorrect user ID or name.
MAIL_NO_ADDRESS 507 No recipient address specified. This error may also occur when the SMTP server refuses to send the mail because of insufficient sender privileges (unauthorized sender or spam protection).
FILE_NOT_FOUND 508 The file that was attached to the mail being created was not found or the server (client) has insufficient privileges to this file (or to the folder it is located in).
MAIL_SYSTEM_ACCOUNT 509 The server is running as a Windows service on a system account that does not have access to some resources.
MAIL_DIAL_ERROR 510 Telephone connection to the mail server or native mailing service could not be established. The line is busy or an incorrect number was used.
MAIL_ALREADY_INIT 511 The mail was already initialized with different parameters.
MAIL_PROFSTR_NOTFND 513 A parameter is missing from the profile (e.g. an application tried to create a mail and the SMTP server address is missing in the profile).
MAIL_INVALIDPATH 514 File cannot be sent. It is not in the path specified by the Path profile parameter.
MAIL_SOCK_IO_ERROR 515 Read error, socket write error, or the mail server refused a request.
MAIL_UNKNOWN_SERVER 516 Cannot convert the mail server name to an IP address.
MAIL_CONNECT_FAILED 517 Cannot create or open a socket
MAIL_NO_MORE_FILES 518 No more files are attached to the mail, or the specified file is not present in the mail.
MAIL_FILE_DELETED 519 Cannot find attached file.
MAIL_BOX_LOCKED 520 The mailbox is already opened by another client.
MAIL_MSG_NOT_FOUND 521 Mail not in the mailbox.
MAIL_UNK_MSG_FMT 522 Unknown mail format (maybe damaged).
MAIL_DLL_NOT_FOUND 523 Required .DLL library not found. Libraries are searched in the same folder as 602SQL, the current working folder, the WINDOWS folder, the WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder and in folders that are specified in the PATH enviroment variable.
MAIL_FUNC_NOT_FOUND 524 Required function not found in .DLL library.
NO_SUPPORT 525 Configuration error - MAPI not supported etc.
MAIL_REQ_QUEUED 526 reserved
MAIL_PROFILE_EXISTS 527 Mail profile already exists.

Some situations when working with mail are reported as classic 602SQL errors. See the following:

NO_RIGHT 129 Insufficient privileges to execute an action. May relate to both the user account settings on the mail service (e.g. a privilege to send e-mail with high priority), and the client settings on the 602SQL Server (e.g. working with temporary profiles, updating system tables when receiving e-mail, etc.)
OUT_OF_APPL_MEMORY 150 Out of memory (for the mail functions)
OS_FILE_ERROR 157 Error when working with a file, insufficient disk space, disk error or insufficient access privileges.
ERROR_IN_FUNCTION_ARG 180 Error in the parameters passed to the function.