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602SQL Open Server is an integrated relational database system for Windows and Linux, based on the client-server model.

602SQL components

The SQL language is implemented in the 602SQL server. The SQL language is based on the ANSI/ISO norm, SQL 2 Intermediate level, but also allows you to develop procedures and triggers according to the subset of SQL 3 norm. The SQL language contains a rich set of data types, active referential integrity and powerful relational operations as OUTER JOIN or INTERSECT.

Other above standard server attributes are e.g. the privilege system allowing you to grant privileges even for columns and rows in tables, fulltext document indexing, close integration with electronic mail or debuggers for simple procedure debugging.

Server security is provided by various mechanisms, that control database access, backup data and guarantee the atomicity of running transactions.

ODBC, JDBC and SDBC drivers are available for accessing the server, native interface for C/C++ and Pascal/Delphi languages and components for communicating with the database for Delphi are also included.

The 602SQL client developer interface contains effective tools for developing database applications back-end. These tools allow you to visually design tables, queries and other components, import and edit data etc.

The PHP module is also available for accessing the database from the Web browsers.

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