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602SQL Documentation - an Overview

Documentation for 602SQL is split into the following parts:

Operating Documentation for 602SQL Server

The 602SQL Server chapter contains information necessary for putting the server into operation, for setting of all parameters that can influence its operation, for safeguarding operation reliability and for other work of server administrator.

Description of the SQL Language

Description of the SQL Language version implemented in 602SQL will be used by developers of database applications.

602SQL Development Client

Help for 602SQL Development Client contains description and control of interactive designers of application objects; it describes controls of server administration, data imports and exports and many other items.

Server Extension

You can read here, how 602SQL implements XML support or e-mail and how the fulltext system is created and utilized. Some extensions can be - according to licensing mode - paid.

Special Tools for Application Development and Interface Drivers

To this set belong tools for writing applications in C/C++ or Pascal/Delphi languages and for interfaces ODBC, PHP and SDBC. Other interfaces are in various stages of elaboration and they have not been included, up to now, into the English documentation.

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