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602SQL Licensing Principles

602SQL Open Server

602SQL Open Server is an open project provided under license Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Source texts and build guidelines can be downloaded at SourceForge.NET. System installation programs in binary format are available for selected platforms at company pages Software602 a.s..

Extension to 602SQL Open Server

Software602, a.s., produces and delivers two extensions for 602SQL Server that make its utilization in specialized application areas easier:

These extensions are installed together with the 602SQL Open Server binary distribution, however, prior to utilization, they must be activated by means of the purchased license.

To purchase a license for extensions and for their activation, start 602SQL Develoment Client, connect to the server, open the System / Tools folder in the tree at Control Panel, and double-click the Extensions Manager item.

The license is valid for all SQL servers running at particular computer and for all clients connected to some of these servers from an arbitrary computer.

602SQL Trial

As soon as the 602SQL Open Server installation is completed, a time-limited, so-called TRIAL mode is starting. Within its 30 days, everything that the server offers is available.

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