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Server Extensions Manager

The Server Extensions Manager dialog is invoked in the System section of the Control Panel window in the Tools section. By means of that, it is possible to add auxiliary commercial extensions to the 602SQL server.

602SQL Server Extensions

In the current version, there are following extensions:

An attempt to work with the XML transfer or fulltext without purchased license is rejected both by the client and by the server; an error NO_XML_LICENCE (number 238) would occur or NO_FULLTEXT_LICENCE (number 227).

All extensions are already included in the standard installation, however, their functionality is blocked. Under activation of extensions only their unlocking is understood.

Activation of Extensions

Adding a license represents several steps:

  1. Buy the extension in the e-shop (or use another way) - you will get only so-called Activation Key. You can get to the e-shop page by pressing the Buy button in the dialog.
  2. If you already have an Activation Key, enter it into the relevant field in the dialog.
  3. Press the Activate the extension button. The added extension will appear in the list located in the top section.
More information about licenses you will find in chapter 602SQL Licensing Principles.