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Control Panel

The Control Panel is the basic part of the 602SQL Development Client. The Main toolbar and the commands on the Object sub-menu will only affect the Control Panel.

The panel is composed of two parts, depending on how the window is docked. If the window is floating or docked to the top or bottom, both parts will be next to each other, otherwise they will be above and under.

You can change the look and layout of the objects in the application tree according to the folders with commands from the View submenu.

Using the Objects

The list of actions that can be done with a selected object (or set of objects), can be displayed with the object pop-up menu or in the Object submenu.

One action (the first in the list) is always defined as primary - this action will be executed when you click the object.

You can execute all basic action with objects of all categories (create, edit, delete, export, import, etc.). You can also move objects using the clipboard (or Drag&Drop) between folders, applications or even servers, if the client is connected to multiple servers at one time. You need to have the privilege to modify the object to execute these actions. Various specific actions exist for different categories (e.g. Rebuild table index, Query optimization, etc.).

More information on the selected object is displayed in the Output window (object text definition, table/query data or object flags).

Interactive object designers are used to create new objects or alter existing ones. A special window that contains a grid filled with records is used to view or edit data in tables/queries.

The Duplicate object(s) pop-up menu command is used to create an exact copy of an object or multiple objects. The new object name is composed of the original name + a number.

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