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602SQL Client as an ODBC Client

An ODBC data source registered in the system may be accessed using the 602SQL Client. If the ODBC client has sufficient data privileges, the 602SQL Client can be used for:

Errors and information messages from ODBC drivers are displayed on the Client log tab of the Output window.

Attaching an ODBC Data Source

ODBC Data Sources can be found in the main tree of the Control Panel on the same level as the 602SQL servers branch. All ODBC data sources registered on the local system are displayed here. When you double-click a data source (or execute the Connect command from the Object menu or pop-up menu) a connection to the selected ODBC driver is established. The driver may open one or more dialogs, according to the settings (e.g. to specify a username). If the data source is connected successfully, the icon will change and the tree of objects will show. Information about the data source will be displayed in the Output tab of the Output window.

Program Usage

You may use the transfer from/to ODBC data sources possibilities of the 602SQL Client in a client interfaces as well. The wb_data_transport function exists for PHP.