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Data Transfers

602SQL can easily transfer data between various data files, ODBC data sources and 602SQL tables (queries) according to the description specified by the user. This tool is called the Data transfer designer.

When the transfer is complete, you can discard the transfer design, or save it in the database for later use. The transfer is then stored among the Transfer type objects and can be executed using the Run command.

Data Transfer Usage

Data File Formats

External Data Files Coding

Data text files or DBF files as a data source may have different coding according to the program that created them. The data target files may also be generated in the coding required by the user. The data transfer designer has the ability convert to/from various 16-bit and UNICODE codings.

Possible charsets:
16-bit CP1250 Central European charset for Windows.
  CP1252 Western European charset for Windows.
  ASCII The original ASCII table (ISO 646) without special national characters. Usable for English.
  ISO 8859-2 Standard charset for Central European languages, different from CP1250. Used mainly on Linux.
  ISO 8859-1 Standard charset for Western European languages.
  DOS Latin-2 Older charset, originally for DOS (CP852), containing Eastern European languages characters. Usually used for the DBF format.
Unicode UTF-8 Standard Unicode charset. Characters from the original ASCII table have only 1 byte, other characters of the common alphabet have 2 bytes (e.g. the EURO character is 3 bytes).
  UCS-2 2-byte coding for common alphabets identical to UTF-16 coding used in Windows. Cannot be used for the DBF format.
  USC-4 4-byte coding used on Linux. Cannot be used for the DBF format.

Coding of ODBC data sources is usually fixed or set in the ODBC data source properties using the ODBC manager (not in 602SQL).

Calling Transfers from a Client Interface

The transfer options of the 602SQL Client may also be used in a client interface. The following general API functions for transfers exist: the wb_data_transport function for PHP, the Data_transport function or the older Move_data function.

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