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Data import in 602SQL

Data import is a data transfer from a file into a 602SQL table. 602SQL accepts files in these formats:

Text formats can have two forms:

Data imported from a DBF file that contains a field of variable-length can be used (if the field is only a memo field in the FoxPro 2 or dBase IV formats). This memo field will be stored in a TEXT type column.

Data transfers are created in the data transfer designer interface. If the data is imported into an existing table, select this table on the control panel and execute the Import Data action. A wizard for transfer design with predefined values of the target object (602SQL table) will appear. Fill in the source file (type and name) and, if needed, adjust the transfer description, which is generated automatically. The designed import can be saved for later use.

Application import as a whole is much faster than data import on each table.