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Application (SCHEMA) Import

Import of an application as a whole, i.e. transfer of all application components from files into the 602SQL environment is executed in Import application action from the popup menu for the connected server. Application that you want to import must be on the disk and it must be described by its definition file (this file has the .apl suffix and it was probably created by an application export from another 602SQL server).

Provided that application import includes also import of tables including data, it can take even a longer time. During the time of import, you are informed in a separate window about the imported object and the information row informs about the number of transferred table records.

After import, the new application is open. If another application is open prior to import, it is closed together with all its open windows.

If the database contains already an application of the same name (or of the same binary identification), 602SQL will notify you. You will have three options to choose:

The description of application import (and of the previous export), as far as the permissions to the standard roles are concerned, is found at page Roles and application privileges.

When importing an application under Linux, files containing objects must have suffixes in lower case, otherwise they will not be found and the import is terminated with an error.