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Database Object Designer

The 602SQL Develompent Client contains tools for creating and modifying application objects, called Object Designers. These designers simplify the actual design and minimize errors. The object designer outputs text definitions. Back-end objects such as table, queries, domains etc., are in the SQL language. XML transfers are in the XML language, diagrams and data transfers are in the internal format language. Direct modification of text definitions in the text editor is allowed only for routines, triggers and XML transfers. You can only display the definitions for other objects.

A different situation is for objects of the XML form type. The initial design takes place in the client environment, however, for the next (necessary) modifications, an external program 602XML Designer is needed. To open a form, the 602XML Filler program is needed. As far as this object is concerned, direct editing of the source text is admitted, however, it will rescind the digital signature of the form.

It is assumed that objects of the Stylesheet type are created outside of the client environment in an external, specialized editor and, after that, their import to database (or transfer via clipboard). The same result can be achieved by registration of an external editor in client local parameters; after that, this editor is started after calling the Edit action.

The designer can be accessed by run using the Edit action from the pop-up menu on the object or the New action from the pop-up menu on the category. Designers are controlled from the Design menu. The contents of this menu depends on the type of the object being designed.

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