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Diagram Designer


Diagrams provide a transparent display and simplify editing of relation tables. Each table is displayed containing a column list including the unique and nonunique indexes. If the indexes are simple, the index mark will be placed before the column names, if they are composed/formed by a expression, a list of indexes will follow the last column. The referential integrity (RI) rules are displayed as broken lines that connect the columns involved in the RI rule. The lines (or parts) can be moved so the lines do not overlap.

Diagrams allow you to:

Diagram Actions

Insert a table to the diagramTables (one or more) can be inserted from the clipboard (Copy & Paste) or from the Control Panel using Drag&Drop.
Remove a table from the diagramExecute the Remove Table from Diagram command from the table's pop-up menu
Modify a table in the diagramExecute the Edit Table command from the table's pop-up menu
Refresh the diagramIf the table structure has been modified after the diagram was opened, it is necessary to refresh the diagram contents by executing the Refresh Diagram command from the Design menu or from the pop-up menu.
Create a referential integrity ruleIf there are tables for which referential integrity (RI) rules can be defined, you can do so by dragging one column and dropping it on the target column. 602SQL checks the column types and after a succesful comparison, allows the RI rule to be created. The modification to the child table is done immediately. If the diagram is not saved, this action is still executed. You can only create an RI rule between two columns this way. Use the table designer for more complex RI rules.
Remove a referential integrity ruleClick the right mouse button on the RI rule line in the diagram and select the Remove Constrain action. Modification to the child table is done immediately. If the diagram is not saved, this action is still executed.
Print the diagramYou can print the entire diagram. Check the print result using the menu command Design / Print Preview. To print the diagram execute Design / Print Diagram.