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Renaming objects

Each object is referenced by a name. To rename an object, use the RENAME SQL statement or rename the selected object from the Control Panel (item Rename is active only for those objects you have sufficient privileges to modify). If you rename an object, you must change its name in all occurrences.

602SQL Server (since version 9.0) will perform the following actions when renaming an object:

No further actions will be performed by the 602SQL Server. It is up to the application author to replace the old name with the new one for all other occurrences of the object. It is necessary to:

The maximum length of an object name is 31 characters. Names of users, groups and applications must be unique on a server. Names of other objects must be unique inside an application (scheme). If the object of the selected name already exists, the error sqlstate 40004 (KEY_DUPLICITY) will occur.

You can only rename objects you have sufficient privileges to modify. You cannot rename Fulltext objects.