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Server List on the Control Panel

The Control Panel window of the 602SQL Client displays a list of 602SQL Servers you can connect to. The corresponding symbols in the object tree are shown in this table:

The local server is not running. It can be started when you double-click on it (Windows only) or by the pop-up menu command Start server (Windows or Linux).
The remote registered server is not running (you cannot connect to this server).
The remote registered server state was not retrieved (it may be behind a firewall).
The local server is running, you may connect to this server.
The remote registered server is running, you may connect to this server. This icon also marks servers that are running on the local network on the default port and are not registered.
The local server the client is currently connected to.
The remote server the client is currently connected to.

Registered 602SQL Servers are displayed in a bold font. Unregistered servers are displayed in the normal font.

Server symbols may not correspond with the actual network state. You can refresh the list using the menu command Refresh Control Panel.

The client may automatically search for unregistered 602SQL Server running on the default port. The client will browse the network until a server is selected. You may test the connection with the selected server using the Ping command from the Server Connection Data dialog. The PING command is executed for the server address and the result is displayed.

You connect and disconnect from a server by double-clicking the name using the Connection menu command or the command from the selected server pop-up menu. The client may connect to multiple 602SQL Servers at one time.

The System folder and the database applications controlled by the server appear under the server symbol after you successfully connect.

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