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Database Management

This dialog may be opened and edited only if the server is not running (only available for local servers).

Files Tab

You can specify the location of the main files the 602SQL Server works with. At least the basic part of the database file must be specified. Other items are optional. You can find more details on the page Overview and location of database files.

Language for Server Messages, choose the language:

The use of individual languages depends on the presence of the translation tables (.mo files). English, Czech and Slovak languages are supported in the current version. The default setting is derived from the operating system language.

Management Tab

You can execute special actions from this tab. All actions have a significant effect on the database.

Recover database from a backup copy

If the server makes an automatic backup into a selected directory, you can restore the database contents from a backup. More information can be found on the Database restoration using a backup copy page.

Patch a Damaged Database

If the database is damaged and cannot run, you can try to restore it and salvage some of the data. More information can be found on the Patching a damaged database page.

Erase the Database

An action that will erase the entire database (delete the database file). All local server registrations are removed as well.

Regenerate Database File

This operation creates an exact copy of the database file. This copy has the same name as the original database and you can work with it immediately (although you must set user passwords again). Contents of all tables (including system tables) are preserved. Applications can be moved using the export and import actions. The original database file is still available under the name specified in the Backup database name field (this name must be different from all other databases) in the directory from the Backup database folder field.

A dialog prompting you to login is displayed when you execute this action. You must login as a user that has sufficient privileges for data (possible a DB_ADMIN group member) and who is a member of the CONFIG_ADMIN and SECURITY_ADMIN groups. Applications are imported into the new database under a temporary administrator account that is deleted when the action is complete.

You are advised to use this action only when there is a major data consistency problem. The new database file is significantly smaller, since only the actual data is moved.

Service / Daemon tab

You can run the 602SQL Server database as a service (Windows) or daemon (Linux). This tab allows you to register and control the server running as a service or daemon. More information can be found on the Running 602SQL Server on Windows page and on the Running 602SQL Server on Linux page.