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Registering a Remote Server

If you want the database client to be able to connect to a remote server using the TCP/IP protocol, the client has to know the name and IP address of the server first, i.e. the server has to be registered on the same computer as the client first. A single exception to this rule is a server that operates in the same segment of a local network and listens to the default port 5001. Such servers don't have to be registered in the Windows client.

More information about registering a server that can be accessed via a HTTP-tunnel can be found on the Accessing a SQL server remotely using the HTTP-tunnel page.

The term registration mentioned here is not by any means bound to the product registration for licence reasons!

Registering a new server from the client developer interface

Select the Register a Remote SQL server action from the popup menu of the 602SQL servers root of the Control Panel. Set a name of the remote server and in the following Server Connection Data window specify the remote computer IP address and select the listening port of the server.