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Protocols and Ports

The Protocols and Ports dialog can be invoked from the System folder of the Control Panel. You may select the communication protocols of the 602SQL server here, i.e. communication methods between client and server. Multiple protocols may be enabled on a server - the client will connect through one of them.

These protocols are supported:

The protocols requiring network protocols must have a port number specified - network communication will be operated on this port. If you choose the port 80 for HTTP tunnel, you won't be able to run a web server on the computer with the SQL server (the server won't be operating if a web server is already running on the computer).

Further settings for restricting access can be set in the Runtime parameters dialog.

The server communication parameters set there are saved as SQL server properties IPCCommunication, TCPIPCommunication, IPPort, HTTPTunnel, HTTPTunnelPort WebServerEmulation, WebPort.