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Runtime Parameters

All settings on this dialog correspond with individual server properties. More details about the parameter settings can be found on the property page.

Operation Tab

Security Tab

SQL Compatibility Tab

You can set individual 602SQL Server compatibility attributes for the SQL standard. Each attribute corresponds with a certain value (and corresponding character constant). The sum of all attributes will be written to the database as a server property DefaultSQLOptions and will be used for all future client connections.

Individual attribute descriptions can be found on the page SQL language compatibility attributes.

Everything except SQLOPT_DISABLE_SCALED is checked by default.

DLL/so Directories Tab

The DLL (so on Linux) library folders that can be used for external routine declaration on the server are specified on this tab. Individual folders are stored in the database as server properties Dir[N].

The Browse button opens a standard dialog for selecting a new folder. The Add directory button inserts the selected folder to the list. The Replace directory button replaces a folder in the list with the selected folder and the Remove directory button removes the selected folder from the list.

You can only select the folder for a local connected server, since the dialog for browsing only works with local folders!

IP Filtering Tabs

You may restrict clients access (through TCP/IP, HTTP Tunneling or Web Access) to the server based on their IP address. More details can be found on the page Filtering client IP addresses. The specified values are stored in the database as server properties IP_enabled... and IP_disabled..., IP1_enabled... and IP2_enabled... etc.

You can add an IP address by entering the value into the first column of the grid. You can remove an address by removing it from the first column.