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SQL Server Administration

An user is granted privileges to administer a server when he or she becomes a member of some administrator group. There are three administrator groups: CONFIG_ADMIN, DB_ADMIN and SECURITY_ADMIN.

Configuration Administrators Group CONFIG_ADMIN

The main task of a configuration administrator is to take care of SQL server operation, mainly by setting up runtime parameters and solving non-standard situations. Some of his competencies include:

Configuration administrator may gain another competencies, if the security administrator assigns them to the CONFIG_ADMIN group. It's mainly the privilege to assign users to or reject users from the CONFIG_ADMIN group.

E.g. system triggers _on_server_start, _on_server_stop, _on_backup etc. are executed with the CONFIG_ADMIN privileges.

Data Administrators Group DB_ADMIN

Data administrator has maximal access privileges to all data and each object in the database. Thus data administrator can read, write, update and delete all objects and records in the database.

Operation of database application doesn't usually require a data administrator, in some cases it's even against the concept of data privacy in certain applications. In the default state there won't be any data administrator on the server. His tasks are mainly overtaken by administrative roles due to different application needs. The purpose of existence of the data administrators group is ensuring compatibility with some older applications and providing a "backdoor" for solving nonstandard situations on the server.

Security Administrator Group SECURITY_ADMIN

The main task of a security administrator is to take essential decisions concerning the security of SQL server operation. Security administrator isn't involved in normal server operations.

In minor companies usually the owner or the manager becomes the security administrator, in major companies it's usually a person aside normal business who is responsible for security policies.

Competencies of a security administrator are:

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