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602SQL Server Manager

602SQL Server Manager is a tool that provides in one place for the following:

Start and Stop of Servers

Server Manager is common for all local SQL servers starting from version 11. Remote SQL servers, even if they are registered at the computer where Server Manager is running, cannot be controlled.

The server menu distinguishes by color the servers that have been already started from those inactive. It does not matter how was the 602SQL server started.

Starting of Servers

If the SQL server start requires password specification (see Database file protection) for data decryption, the Specify the password for the database checkbox must be selected at startup - you can then enter necessary password in the auxiliary window.

If the SQL server should start as a service on Windows or as a daemon on Linux, the Start this SQL server as system service checkbox must be selected prior to startup, or Start this SQL server as daemon on Linux. To make this action possible (to make this checkbox enabled), the 602SQL server of the corresponding name must be registered as a service (daemon) in the operating system. The registration is done from the 602SQl Client in the Database Management window on the Service / Daemon tab.

Stopping of Servers

The running 602SQL server of version 11 and later can be stopped by Server Manager. If some clients are logged in to the server at this moment, Server manager transmits a warning and lets the clients decide whether to stop the server immediately and disconnect the clients or to open a warning window containing a notification for the clients connected via TCP/IP (the most frequent way), to wait 60 seconds and in case the clients do not disconnect during this time themselves, to disconnect them.

To terminate server from Server manager, following rules apply:

Information about Server

Server Manager is able to determine and list certain number of information about the running server. Server Manager must connect for each extraction of data to the server (however, it need not login).

Following information can be obtained:

For information refresh, press the Update now button. By entering the number of seconds you can specify an interval for automatic refresh of the whole Server Manager window (including the list of servers and listing of log).

Listing of Server Log

For each running server, it is possible to monitor listing to the basic server log. For refresh, information from the previous paragraph applies.