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The system query _iv_logged_users result contains one row for each client thread on the server. One thread exists for each connected user. System threads are executed by the server itself and separate threads are executed by the CALL DETACHED command.

When viewing threads in the Monitor windows (Clients and threads tab) thread types are displayed in different colors. Normal client threads are black, independent SQL procedures threads are red and system threads are blue.

These columns are present in this query result:

Column name Type Contents
Login_name CHAR(31) Name of the user that is connected (for system threads DB_ADMIN or ANONYMOUS)
Client_number INT Internal number of the client (from the Client_number function). Corresponds with the %c switch in the log rules (function _sqp_define_log).
Sel_schema_name CHAR(31) Name of the opened schema
State INT State of the client process (see below, normal client state = 4)
Connection INT Client connection method (0 = direct, 1 = TCP/IP, 4 = HTTP-tunnel)
Net_address CHAR(30) Network address and the port number of the client (empty for direct access clients)
Detached BOOLEAN A flag describing a separate thread (executed by the CALL DETACHED statement)
Worker_thread BOOLEAN A flag describing a system thread that does not process a client request or a separate thread (detached)
Own_connection BOOLEAN A flag describing thread ownership based on who called this query
Transaction_open BOOLEAN A flag describing that the thread has an open transaction
Isolation_level INT The level of transaction isolation set for the client (1 = read committed, 3 = serializable)
Sql_options INT The sum of SQL compatibility flags set for this client by the Set_sql_option function or taken from the console settings
Lock_waiting_timeout INT The wait limit for locks placed by other clients (in tenths of seconds), -1 = forever
Comm_encryption INT Greater than zero if the thread belongs to a client whose communication with the server is encrypted, unsecured communication is marked as Plain
Session_number (Session) INT A unique identifier of a client thread. Unlike the client number in the client_number column, these numbers do not repeat when the 602SQL Server is running. Corresponds with the %e switch in the log rules (function _sqp_define_log).
Profiled_thread (Profiled) BOOLEAN Profiling is enabled for each thread explicitly, if it is enabled for all threads globally, this value equals FALSE
Thread_name CHAR(63) A thread name set by the _sqp_set_thread_name procedure; "common" clients are marked automatically (e.g. GUI client, ODBC client, debug client)
Req_proc_time (Processing) INT A time spending by processing actual request
Proc_sql_stmt (SQL statement) CLOB If a thread request was an SQL statement, its text is here, empty in other cases

The State column values have the following meaning:

0 The thread is running.
1 The thread is waiting for a memory page lock.
2 The thread is waiting to release a page in the drive cache.
3 The thread is waiting for a record lock.
4 The thread is waiting for another client request (normal state).
5 The thread is sending a request result.
6 The thread is receiving a new client request.
7 The thread is terminating.
8 The thread is waiting for a semaphore (from the Wait_for_semaphore function).
9 The thread is sleeping (from the Sleep function).
10 The thread is waiting for an event (from the Wait_for_event event).
(>100) In certain situations values are >100. This signals an internal state. These values can only be interpreted by Software602 Technical Support.

A user thread who executed this query has a state value equal to 0 (> 100 is not an error).


Display users (not working threads) that are connected to the Property application:

SELECT Login_name
FROM  _iv_logged_users
WHERE sel_schema_name = 'Property' AND NOT worker_thread