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Client - server network communication encryption

It's possible to read somebody's data that are being transferred in computer networks, and even alter them using suitable tools. It's necessary to keep this risk in mind if the transfer path between the client and the server is not completely secured, mainly when connecting over the internet.

Network communication encryption offers protection of data reading and altering during client - server data transfer.

The encryption algorithm used in 602SQL uses randomly generated cipher key. This key is transferred from the client to the server each time connection is established in a concealed way using the server certificate. Thus communication encryption can be used only when connecting to a server having the identity certificate.

Server security administrator decides whether to use encrypted access. Encryption request can be enabled from the 602SQL Development Client, System folder, in the Security tab of the Runtime parameters window, or by using ReqCommEnc property.

Information whether clients use encrypted communication is stored in the system query _iv_logged_users result and can be found also in the Monitor window's Clients and Threads tab.

Communication encryption doesn't occur when connecting to a local server (only for Windows operating systems, each connection uses network protocols on Linux).