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Repairs of a damaged database

Various action can lead to a database damage. E.g. there's a small loss of (unused) drive memory whenever a server is incorrectly terminated (such as a computer reset during its runtime).

602SQL is therefore equipped with tools that can search for and repair certain error types in the database structure. Database repairs can be executed either from the control panel (action System / Tools / Database consistency) or directly from a program by calling the (cd_)Database_integrity function.

The Database consistency action opens a dialog window, where you may specify the error types you're interested in by checking appropriate checkboxes. If you want to repair the errors as well, check the Repair errors box. Press the Start check button then. After a while the count of found or repaired errors.

When repairing errors:

Error searching and repairing can take a long time in a complicated database.

For the first four error types repairs the server has to be locked - these actions won't get executed if some other entity (a user or a separate thread) is already connected. The remaining error types can be repaired at any time.