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Setting Memory Allocations for a Server

A configuration administrator can accomplish a more effective use of system memory and therefore enhance server output by setting some server parameters. However usually it's sufficient to use the default parameter values.

You can modify these properties:

Enlarging of these properties' values can sometimes fasten server response and therefore fasten application runtime, however only to a certain limit. If the server requires the operating system to use a paging file (swap to a drive) a major slowdown of work will be experienced.

Enlarging database file cache may have the most significant effect on server response. The cache size is set in kb. Recommended value is 3000-5000 kb (maximum value is not set, however if the server fails to allocate enough memory, it won't start).

Setting Memory Parameters

The cache size of database file can be set in the Runtime parameters window from the System folder of the client developer interface.

The other parameters can be set only through the programming interface for setting up server parameters.