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Inactive Clients

There may be clients connected to a 602SQL Server that are idle. This may happen in the following cases:

In these cases it is desired that the server disconnects inactive users. If the cause of inactivity is an user being idle, the user receives a message about the client being disconnected.

If an inactive client is disconnected by the server and attempts to work with the server again, all requests result in the CONNECTION_LOST exception (Connection with server lost (156)).

You can specify the maximum duration of client inactivity on the server (after reaching this limit the client will be disconnected). This parameter is set in seconds and is set separately for clients who are connected but have not logged in yet (have not completed the login process).

This interval is set by these server properties:

KillTimeNotLogged=seconds: The maximum time a client who has not logged in yet, can be inactive (8 hours by default, 28800 seconds)

KillTimeLogged=seconds: The maximum tim a client who is logged in, can be inactive (23 hours be default, 82800 seconds)

You can also set these parameters from the Control Panel, System folder, Runtime parameters window.

If a parameter is equal to 0 or is not specified, clients will not be disconnected automatically. The actual time a client is disconnected can be approximately one minute longer due to technical reasons. A message in the basic log is created when a client is automatically disconnected.

Disconnecting by an Administrator

If you need to disconnect a client immediately regardless of the specified options, you may use these two methods: