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Maintaining the Unused Network Connection

If a client is connected to a server and doesn't communicate with the server for a longer period (e.g. a couple of minutes), then such unused connection may be cancelled in some networks. If the user wants to work with his client in some later time he learns that he was disconnected.

Such behaviour depends on local network and firewall setup, that the connection passes. The client may resist disconnecting by sending the server empty packets continuously, thus simulating client-server communication.

If you get disconnected in your network, turn sending empty packets on on Windows. It can be done in the system registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software602\602SQL\Database\<server name>
Create a integer Keep Alive Seconds value that specifies the period of sending the packets in seconds. If this value equals zero or isn't specified packets won't be send. Usually it's enough to to set 10-100 seconds.