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DROP INDEX Statement

statement_DROP_INDEX ::= DROP [ IF EXISTS ] INDEX index_name FROM [scheme.]table_name


The DROP INDEX statement deletes an index of the specified name from the specified table_name name. It can be replaced with the more general ALTER TABLE statement. A default commit is executed after a succesful deletion of an index and the transaction cannot be rolled back.

If the index of the specified name does not exist on the table the error sqlstate W0137 (OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST) occurs.

This statement cannot be used on a temporary table.

If the index is used in a referential integrity definition, the error sqlstate W0162 (REFERENCED_BY_OTHER_TABLE) occurs.

The interactive table designer is generally used to delete an index.

602SQL Variations


DROP INDEX ind FROM Per_agen.Employed
DROP INDEX money FROM Employed