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Auxiliary Windows in Debug Mode

Apart from the four basic dockable windows, there are two auxiliary windows in the 602SQL Client that simplify the debug process. These windows are active only in debug mode. You enable these windows using the View menu command while debugging.

The Watch List Window

If you need to watch the value of a variable or expression, the debugger allows you to create watches. This will watch a variable or expression and refresh the value on each step.

You can create a watch by executing the pop-up menu action Watch <variable_or_expression> while the mouse cursor is on a variable or expression. The variable or expression will then be moved to the Watch List window and the current value will appear in the second column. If the expression cannot be evaluated, the second value displays <Error>.

A new watch can also be created by dragging the block with a variable or expression to the Watch List window, by direct modification of the Name value in the Watch List window or by moving it from the Expression Evaluation window using the Watch button. A watch can be deleted from the list by selecting the row and pressing the Delete key.

The Call Stack Window

If you are debugging a routine that calls other procedures, functions or triggers, you can view which routine is currently active and the call history when working with the debugger. The Call Stack window serves this purpose.

The window contains a single row for each routine. The main routine is on the first row, the current routine is in the last row. If you double-click a routine name (other than the current), the editor will open this routine and the cursor will show the place where the next routine was called from.