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boolean wb_import_from_XML( resource connection, string dad_ref, string fname [, array hostvars] )


The connection identifier returned by the wb_connect or wb_pconnect function.
Pointer to the DAD.
Name of the XML file data source.
An array with client variables description. Optional parameter.

Since version



This function imports data from the specified XML file (fname) according to the mapping description set in the DAD, but an import from a PHP variable using wb_import_from_xml_buffer function is more frequent.

The dad_ref may have two forms: object_name prefixed with an asterisk (e.g. *object_name), the transfer type object will be searched for the DAD in the current opened application, otherwise the DAD definition will be read directly from this parameter.

If the DAD is designed to a ODBC Data Source, then this ODBC connection must be open using the wb_odbc_connect fuction in advance. If the DAD is designed to a different 602SQL server, then this different connection must be open using wb_connect function in advance.

The hostvars array allows you to pass PHP application client variables bound to an element of the DAD. If you do not use these variables, either omit the hostvars parameter, or set it to the PHP constant NULL. The format of client variable descriptions are specified here.


TRUE if succesful, otherwise FALSE.