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boolean wb_set_client_encoding( resource connection, int encoding_id )


An open connection to the 602SQL Server (the value returned by the wb_connect or wb_pconnect function). Required parameter.
Coding ID. Must be one of the constants WB_ENC_xxx. Required parameter.


This function sets:

One of the following codings can be used:

This setting is applied upon execution of the SQL statement that contains references to PHP variables (host variables prefixed by :<> or dynamic parameters marked with a question mark in the prepared statement) with text (PHP variables of the string type) using the wb_exec or wb_psql_execute function. If the WB_ENC_UTF8 coding is set when executing this statement, the values of the PHP string type variables that are used in the SQL statement will be converted from UTF-8 coding to UCS-2 coding and will be passed to the SQL Server in this coding. 602SQL Server does not support UTF-8 coding, it only supports UCS-2 coding.

Furthermore, this setting is used when calling the wb_lob_write function. If WB_ENC_UTF8 is set, data is converted from UTF-8 to UCS-2 before being written to a NCLOB variable (variable-length Unicode text).

If WB_ENC_ASCII, WB_ENC_WIN1250, WB_ENC_WIN1252 or WB_ENC_ISO_8859_2 coding is set, the text will be converted to UCS-2 coding when string is written to a column.

This setting is not applied when reading values from the database using the wb_result or wb_fetch_into function, or when passing the PHP variables that are not a string type. It is also not applied when calling the wb_lob_read function.


TRUE if successful, otherwise FALSE (when the coding to be set is not supported).


Write the string in UTF-8 coding to the column type NCHAR:

/* let the $str variable contain a string in the UTF-8 coding,
   that we want to write into the UNI_STR column in the UNI_TABLE table*/
// first we set the coding of the PHP variables with texts, that will be passed into the SQL statement
wb_set_client_encoding($connection , WB_ENC_UTF8);
// and the $str variable value will be passed to the SQL server in the UCS-2 coding
wb_exec($connection,"INSERT INTO UNI_TABLE(UNI_STR) VALUES(:<str);"); 
// now if we want to pass PHP variables with text in ASCII coding to the SQL statement,
// we must change the coding
// and execute the SQL statements


Write a string in the Windows CP 1250 coding to the column type NCHAR:

// we assume that the source text is in the Windows CP 1250 coding            
$str="pli luouk k pl belsk dy";
// set the coding to Windows CP 1250
wb_set_client_encoding($connection, WB_ENC_WIN1250);
// prepare the SQL statement
$stmt=wb_psql_prepare($connection, "INSERT INTO UNI_TABLE(UNI_STR) VALUES(?);");
// execute the SQL statement
wb_psql_execute($stmt, $str);
// reset to the original coding
wb_set_client_encoding($connection, WB_ENC_ASCII);