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MAPI E-mail Profile

The profile parameters can be set using the 602SQL Client - This Client - Mail Profiles. MAPI profiles can only be used on Windows with MAPI support installed.

Registry parameter Control panel Description
ProfileMAPI MAPI Profile Name of the MAPI profile
FilePath Path List of folders that can be used for sending a file, separated by a semicolon. If an application tries to send a file from a different folder, the request will be denied. If the parameter is not specified or contains an empty string, any file can be sent. The main point of this behaviour is that the 602SQL Server has strong access privileges and users should not be allowed to access certain files.

Example: D:\wbdata;D:\wbdata\temp

InBoxAppl Inbox schema Name of the schema that the working tables for receiving e-mail will be created.
InBoxMessages Inbox table Name of the working table for storing incoming e-mail.
InBoxFiles Attachments table Name of the working table for storing attachments.

It is enough to specify the MAPI profile name (and the password if required) for MAPI e-mail initialization in most cases. MAPI profiles can be created and managed using the Mail and fax application from the Windows Control Panel.

The InBox... parameters are used if the application operation requires that the working tables for receiving e-mail are different than the default _INBOXMSGS and _INBOXFILES in the system schema _SYSEXT. This can be set using the MailSetProfileProp function.