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E-mail Profiles

A profile is a tool that ensures application independence of the type and parameters of the mail provider. The profile contains all parameters that are necessary for receiving and sending mail by means of certain provider. The application presents, during mail initialization, a profile name and from then on, it is not necessary to take into consideration differences between individual mail systems. Provided that some of mail parameters have changed, it is not necessary to modify application, it is quite sufficient to modify parameter value within the profile.

The system can contain several (permanent, i.e. stored on the hard-disk) profiles that differ in their name. Apart from that, it is possible to create during program execution temporary profiles and set their parameters dynamically.

You can create and manage e-mail profiles from the 602SQL Client: Control Panel - Local Settings - Mail Profiles. Edit and create profiles using the right-click pop-up menu. Permanent or temporary profiles can be created and managed by the API functions MailCreateProfile, MailDeleteProfile, MailSetProfileProp, and MailGetProfileProp.

Profiles are stored in the Windows registry under the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Software602\602SQL\Mail. The default profile is composed of string values under this key, and profiles with names are stored as subkeys of the specified name.

Under Linux, the profiles are stored in the 602sql file in [.MAIL_profile name] section. The 602sql file is edited manually (there is also a graphic console for parameter settings). It is evident that only profiles of the SMTP/POP3 type can be used under Linux. The access password to the POP3 mailbox cannot be saved into the 602sql file in the encrypted form.

Example of the ABC profile as defined on Linux in 602sql:


The list of profiles created on the computer that is running the server can be retrieved using the system query _iv_mail_profs.

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