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Sending Mail

Sending e-mail is done in several steps (must be initialized first):

  1. The LetterCreate function (or LetterCreateW function) creates an e-mail with a subject, body text and other parameters. The body text can be passed as a string variable value or as a name of a file, that contains the text. The file may contain only plain unformatted text. In order to preserve national characters, all text must be coded in Windows CP1250 (LetterCreate) or UNICODE (LetterCreateW) encoding. The function returns the identifier of the mail that is then passed to other functions.
  2. The list of mail recipients (including possible notification recipients) can be created by a repeated call to the LetterAddAddr function.
  3. You may attach any number of files to the mail using the LetterAddFile or LetterAddBLOBs function (or LetterAddBLOBr).
  4. The mail can be sent using the LetterSend function.
  5. If the created mail should not be sent, the mail can be deleted (along with freeing all allocated resources) with the LetterCancel function.

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