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_IV_MAIL_PROFS System Query

The system query _iv_mail_profs result contains one row for each mail profile on the computer running the server.

Column description:

Column name Type Contents
Profile_name CHAR(63) Name of the profile
Mail_type INT Mail type (1 = Mail602, 2 = MAPI, 4 = SMTP/POP3, see MailGetType)
Smtp_server CHAR(63) Name of the SMTP server
My_address CHAR(63) E-mail address for sending
Pop3_server CHAR(63) POP3 server name
User_name CHAR(63) Name of the user mailbox
Dial_connection CHAR(254) Name of the dial-up connection
Dial_user CHAR(254) User name for the dial-up connection
Prof_602_mapi CHAR(63) Name of the Mail602 or MAPI e-mail profile
Path CHAR(254) A list of folders you can send files from


List SMTP profiles stored on the server.

SELECT Profile_name
FROM  _iv_mail_profs
WHERE mail_type=4