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Fulltext plug-ins

Fulltext plug-ins are external programs or utilities that convert binary documents (e.g. DOC or XLS) into words that are indexed. Text formats, including HTML, do not require conversion.

Fulltext plug-ins are defined using the Fulltext plug-ins action that is accessible from the Control Panel on the Local Settings tab.


602SQL offers two plug-in types for Windows and Linux:

External utilities

External utilities do not have to be configured, everything is automatic after selecting a utility from the list of individual formats.


The OpenOffice.org package (version 1 or 2) may be used as a plug-in. Just set the OpenOffice.org plug-in for all formats and specify the path to the OpenOffice.org executable file (soffice.exe). OpenOffice.org can be used in one of two ways:

  1. OpenOffice.org runs as normal.
  2. OpenOffice.org runs in client-server mode.

Using OpenOffice.org as normal

Specify the path to the OpenOffice.org executable, soffice.exe program (for Windows c:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 2.x\program\soffice.exe ) or soffice (for Linux the installation differs on various Linux distributions and versions).

The next step is the installation of the ftx602.xba OpenOffice.org macro that does word extraction. Follow these steps to install the macro:

  1. Terminate OpenOffice.org and the Quickstarter.
  2. Copy the ftx602.xba file to the OOO_HOME/share/basic/Tools folder where OOO_HOME is the folder OpenOffice.org is installed.
  3. Alter the contents of the OOO_HOME/share/basic/Tools/script.xlb file in an ASCII editor and add a new XML tag <library:element library:name="ftx602"/> to the tag <library:library> ... </library:library>

You must be logged in as the root user on Linux to perform this (or as a user that can modify the OOO_HOME/share/basic/Tools folder contents).

The ftx602.xba file is located in the folder where 602SQL is installed on Windows, and in the /usr/share/602sqlXX folder on Linux (XX is the version of 602SQL).

Using OpenOffice.org in client-server mode

Specify the hostname and port that is running OpenOffice.org as a server, and the program subfolder of the OpenOffice.org local installation (the converter needs .DLL libraries from OpenOffice.org in order to run).

OpenOffice.org must be run as a server, like this:

soffice.exe "-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;"
Where localhost is the IP address where the server should be executed, and 8100 is the example port number the server should listen on. The description is the same for Linux, only the binary file soffice will be executed.

The ftx/ooo11cvt/ooo11cvt[.exe] converter is used internally. It connects to the hostname and port specified in the configuration, does the conversion, disconnects and terminates.

The converter works with OOo 1.1 or newer (OOo 2.x uses the same converter).