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Installing the ODBC driver on Windows

You must install the ODBC driver on the computers, that will access the database through ODBC. The ODBC driver installation is part of 602SQL for Windows.

Installing the ODBC Driver Manually

Data access through ODBC can be installed as follows:

  1. Install 602SQL using the installation program.
  2. Register the server the driver will be working with.
  3. Create an ODBC data source representing the server and selected application.

Installing the ODBC Driver from a 3rd Party Application

If ODBC version 3.0 was never installed on the target computer, you must install it before installing the 602SQL ODBC driver. The ODBC installation description is in the Microsoft ODBC SDK documentation and is supported in newer versions of InstallShield.

Let the installation program do the following when installing the ODBC driver for 602SQL:

  1. Declare these variables:
    char Path[_MAX_PATH];
    WORD PathSize;
    DWORD Usage;
  2. Call the SQLInstallDriverEx function from the ODBCCP32.DLL system library:
    SQLInstallDriverEx("602SQL11 11.0 Driver\0"
    NULL, Path, sizeof(Path), &PathSize, 
  3. Copy the 602ODBC95.DLL into the Windows system folder or add the installation directory to the PATH variable.
  4. Register the database you want to be accessible by the ODBC driver. The needed registry values are described on the Installing 602SQL in Windows page.
  5. Create the ODBC data source representing the server and application.