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Warnings List

Warnings signal, that some operation was executed under unusual conditions. Warning is not an error and doesn't cause transaction rollbacks - the operation can be considered succesful. The Sz_warning function returns the warning number. Warnings can be traced - (TRACE_USER_WARNING situation).

The following table lists warning names, number returned by the Sz_warning function and warning description.

NO_WARNING 0 no error and warning
WAS_IN_TRANS 1 execution of a transaction from a client was done inside another transaction (the same situation raises an exception in SQL)
NOT_IN_TRANS 2 termination of a transaction from a client was done outside a transaction
ERROR_IN_CONSTRS 3 integrity constraint on a table is incorrect
IS_NOT_DEL 4 record cannot be restored because it's not deleted
ERROR_IN_DEFVAL 5 default column value incorrect
WORKING_WITH_DELETED_RECORD 6 working with deleted (but not yet dropped) record
RENAME_IN_DEFIN 7 object must be renamed in its definition too
IS_DEL 8 record cannot be deleted because it's not valid (has already been deleted)
IS_ERROR 128 an error occurred, warning is not signalled