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Compilation Errors

Error numbers in the range of 1000 to 1999 indicate a compilation error (query, SQL command, etc.). These errors can be obtained as follows:

The error and error description will be written to the server log if user error tracing is enabled.

The following table describes errors by number:

1003 Comment not closed
1004 Character string exceeds the line (probably missing quotation marks)
1005 Recursion not allowed for local routines
1006 Type expected
1007 Left bracket expected ( [ )
1008 Right bracket expected ( ] )
1009 Two dot operator expected (selection from multi-attribute)
1010 Integer number expected
1011 'of' expected
1012 Error in array range
1013 Array too large
1014 Identifier expected
1015 Equal sign expected
1016 Illegal character in program
1017 Comma expected
1018 Semicolon or 'end' expected
1019 Semicolon expected
1020 Declaration or 'begin' expected
1021 Subprograms cannot be nested
1022 Left parenthesis expected
1023 Right parenthesis expected
1024 Colon expected
1025 Identifier describes an illegal object
1026 An expression must be BOOLEAN type
1027 'do' expected
1028 ':=' expected
1029 Number expected
1030 Must be integer
1031 Illegal operation
1032 Types are not compatible
1033 Cannot multiply Money by Money
1034 Not a record
1035 Not a pointer
1036 Not an array
1037 Identifier not declared
1038 Record item identifier expected
1039 Index must be an integer type
1040 'then' expected
1041 Comma or colon expected
1042 Too many parameters
1043 Dot expected
1044 Number too large
1045 Command expected
1046 Variables too large
1047 Variable too large
1048 Error at the end
1049 Identifier declared twice
1050 Functions must return a simple type or string
1051 An error in code output. Not enough memory?
1052 An error at the end of a SQL statement
1053 Nested access to the database
1054 Illegal length
1055 Illegal index
1056 Type not structured
1057 View does not exist
1058 Error reading definition from database
1059 Not enough memory
1060 'to' or 'downto' expected
1061 Column not defined
1062 Factor expected
1063 Query does not exist
1064 Illegal argument of an aggregate function
1065 TIME type constant error
1066 DATE type constant error
1067 Illegal database assignment
1068 Not a variable-length column
1069 Requested table does not exist
1070 Illegal argument of the ACTION command
1071 Backslash expected
1072 UNTIL expected
1073 Illegal project
1074 END expected
1075 Unspecified error in view definition
1076 Character string expected
1077 Error not specified
1078 Number out of range
1079 View too complex
1080 Definition keyword expected
1081 Bad identifier
1082 Illegal group ordering
1083 Too many view folders
1084 View folder expected
1085 Query definition error
1086 Too many menu folders
1087 Include does not exist
1088 Too many nested includes
1089 View folder identification duplicity
1091 Too many columns
1092 Too many indexes on a table
1093 No column defined
1094 You may not use [ ] for this type of column
1095 Column name duplicity
1096 Index has too many parts. Maximum of 8 is allowed.
1097 Column of an illegal type multi-attribute in an index
1098 Index key too long
1099 Syntax error in a table or index definition
1100 Index too complex
1101 Too many tables in query
1102 FROM missing in query
1103 Table name expected
1104 Query syntax error
1105 Predicate error
1106 SELECT expected
1107 FROM or comma expected
1108 WHERE and GROUP BY clauses may not contain an aggregate function
1109 Aggregate function may not be nested
1110 An asterisk may only be used in the COUNT(*) function
1111 Query syntax error in SQL language
1112 AND expected after BETWEEN
1113 OUTER expected
1114 JOIN expected
1115 FROM clause error
1116 BY expected after ORDER or GROUP
1117 Illegal type name
1118 Syntax error in table description
1119 KEY expected after PRIMARY or FOREIGN
1120 Cursor structure not known
1121 REFERENCES expected
1122 Column not found
1123 PRECISION expected after DOUBLE
1124 NULL expected after NOT
1125 Not a SQL language command
1126 TO expected
1127 ON expected
1128 NOT expected
1129 VALUES expected
1130 Illegal type of an aggregate function argument
1131 SET expected
1132 Cursor not editable or created from multiple tables. Cannot delete records.
1133 Cursor not editable. Cannot modify the contents.
1134 Too many values in the INSERT command
1135 Incompatible SELECT clauses in the query connected by UNION
1136 Different SELECT clauses in the query connected by UNION
1137 Illegal position number in ORDER BY
1138 Aggregate functions cannot be used in ORDER BY. Replace with column name (AS).
1139 UPDATE expected
1140 Cursor not editable
1141 Target table does not contain a suitable index
1142 Column name duplicity in table description
1143 Only one primary key per table
1144 INDEX expected
1145 AS expected
1146 Insufficient privileges to read a column
1147 No suitable index in a table
1148 SELECT command error in the combobox
1149 Subprogram too large
1150 >Cursor not editable or created from multiple tables. Cannot INSERT values.
1151 Default column value error
1152 Insufficient privileges to write to this column
1153 Recursion in query definition
1154 Illegal character in binary literal
1155 Function has a forward declaration, but it is not declared afterwards
1156 Pointer references an undefined type
1157 No common column for NATURAL JOIN
1158 Insufficient privileges to refer to this column
1159 Subquery must not be inside an aggregate function
1160 IN expected
1161 DATE or TIME type expected
1162 Boolean type constant expected
1163 NOT used incorrectly
1164 Subquery is not scalar
1165 This SQL command is not allowed in an atomic begin ... end block
1166 IF expected
1167 LOOP expected
1168 RETURNS expected
1169 PROCEDURE expected
1170 Key parameter expected
1171 The same parameter has been specified twice
1172 Unsuitable parameter type
1173 RETURN command must be inside a function
1174 Cannot change the constant value
1175 Constant variable must always have a specified value
1176 SQLSTATE expected
1177 FOR expected
1178 SQLSTATE format error
1179 FOUND expected
1180 Internal compiler error
1181 Illegal object in the INTO clause object
1182 HANDLER expected
1183 REDO or UNDO handle can be used only in an atomic begin ... end command
1184 REPEAT expected
1185 WHILE expected
1186 CURSOR expected
1187 SAVEPOINT expected
1188 CHAIN expected
1190 Double specification of the same record
1191 Specifications are in the mutual contrast
1192 CASE expected
1193 This operation is not allowed using a cursor from the FOR command
1194 The SENSITIVE requirement does not work with the cursor definition
1195 Aggregation function out of context
1196 NAME expected
1197 This type is invalid
1198 OBJECT expected
1199 BEFORE or AFTER expected
1200 INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE expected
1201 OLD or NEW expected
1202 Triggers do not work with temporary tables
1203 EACH expected
1204 ROW or STATEMENT expected
1205 Expected TRIGGER
1206 Assigning an invalid object or type
1207 This SQL property is not supported
1208 After * cannot be any other query column, you may use table.* instead
1209 Cannot create a form variable type without a name (instance of an abstract class)
1210 Form needs a project of the specified name
1211 Folder view type does not have a required property or method
1212 The used method or property does not exist and the form folders are unknown
1213 THISFORM not defined in this context
1214 Undefined preprocessor directive
1215 End of file when extracting a macro
1216 Directive not allowed here
1217 End of file in conditional compilation
1218 Requested object of the application is protected (encrypted). You cannot open, edit or delete the object.
1219 Typelib error
1220 WITH expected
1221 Conflict in sequence parameters
1222 Syntax does not correspond with the set compatibility attributes
1223 Cannot use client variables or dynamic parameters in a stored procedure
1224 Cannot define handle for each error
1225 Cannot define routines or cursors in the global declaration module (Module_globals)
1226 Only the user in the author role may execute the requested actions
1227 EXISTS expected
1228 Too complex query
1229 Debugger cannot evaluate a function
1230 Syntax error in LIMITS (fulltext) clause
1231 Label can be inside the block BEGIN...END only