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Errors when Connecting to or when Starting or Terminating a Server

The functions for starting a stopping SQL server and for connecting clients returns a value from the table below.

Constant Number Error description
KSE_OK 0 No error
KSE_WINDOWS 1 Cannot open server window
KSE_FAKE_SERVER2 Unauthorized 602SQL Server - identity check failed.
KSE_ENCRYPTION_FAILURE3 Encryption failure - the client and server use different encryption methods
KSE_WINEXEC 4 Client could not start the local 602SQL Server. On Linux happens if xterm not installed.
KSE_NO_MEMORY5 Memory allocation error
KSE_NO_FIL 7 Server cannot run, the name is not registered
KSE_DAMAGED 8 Database file is damaged
KSE_SYSTEM_CHARSET 9 The operating system doesn't support the system language of the database server
KSE_SERVER_CLOSED 10Server access temporarily disabled
KSE_BAD_VERSION 11Database file version is different from the server version
KSE_NETWORK_INIT12Cannot initialize the specified network protocol
KSE_CLIENT_SERVER_INCOMP13Server version not compatible with client version
KSE_NOSERVER 14Server not found on network, invalid IP address specified
KSE_CONNECTION15Cannot establish connection with the 602SQL Server
KSE_NOTASK16Maximum number of concurrent client connections has been exceeded
KSE_UNSPEC 17Internal connection error
KSE_NO_NETWORK_LICENCE 18SQL server doesn't have a licence for network access
KSE_NO_HTTP_TUNNEL 19HTTP tunneling not started on the server or there is Web XML interface on the same port
KSE_DBASE_OPEN 23Another server is already connected the database or your have insufficient privileges to the database file
KSE_SERVER_NAME_USED24A database server with the same name is already running on the network
KSE_START_THREAD25Cannot run another thread on the server
KSE_SYNCHRO_OBJ 26Cannot create synchronization object
KSE_MAPPING27Cannot map memory file
KSE_TIMEOUT29Response timeout to local server
KSE_NO_WINSOCK30TCP/IP socket library is not working
KSE_WINSOCK_ERROR 31Error working with a socket
KSE_FWNOTFOUND35SOCKS server not found
KSE_FWCOMM 36Error communicating with SOCKS server
KSE_FWDENIED 37SOCKS server refused to establish the connection with the 602SQL Server
KSE_BAD_PASSWORD 38Incorrect database file password specified
KSE_ESCAPED 39Server stopped at the password dialog for encrypted access
KSE_CANNOT_CREATE_FIL42Server cannot create the database file
KSE_CANNOT_OPEN_FIL 43Server cannot open the database file
KSE_CANNOT_OPEN_TRANS44Server cannot open the transaction file
KSE_IP_FILTER45Access from this IP address is denied, IP filter set
KSE_INST_KEY47Missing or invalid Product ID
KSE_NO_SERVER_LICENCE48602SQL Server is not licensed

These error numbers may be reported in all client interfaces, if they fail to connect to the server.