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Creating a Database

Creating a New Database

To create a new database you have to:

These items have to be set for successful registration of a database on the computer that will run its server. Respective database file will be created during the first launch of this server.

User has to have privileges to edit system registry on Windows operating systems to create new database; when creating a database on Linux user has to have the privilege to edit the /etc/602sql file.

Creating a New Database from 602SQL Development Client

In the root of the control panel tree (602SQL servers item) invoke the popup menu and select Create a New Local SQL Server. By doing so you open the Create a new database window

Administration of a New Database

A newly created database is empty except for the system objects: system tables, users and groups and the schema _sysext containing empty system triggers.

Anonymous user is created in the new database. This user logs on using the name ANONYMOUS or an empty name, and an empty password. Also the EVERYBODY group (a group of all users) and 3 other administrator groups are created (DB_ADMIN, CONFIG_ADMIN and SECURITY_ADMIN).

The anonymous user is a member of all administrator groups in the new database. This is useful in desktop usage (single user mode), where neither users nor privileges are relevant.

For a secure network operation, it's recommended to create individual administrators as special users and remove anonymous user from all administrator groups.

Registration of a Database with Existing Database File

If you want to run a server over a database with existing database file, you have to register the database on the computer that will run the server first.

Registration of an existing database is done in the same way as creating new database. The only difference is that you have to select the folder that contains the existing database file.