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Automatically Granted Privileges

602SQL grants some privileges automatically upon table creation and record inserting.

If a user creates a table, he's granted all global rights to data in this table's records, i.e. privilege to read and write all columns, insert and delete records and the privilege to grant these privileges to other subjects.

If a user inserts a record into a table which has the record-level privileges enabled, then he's granted all privileges to this record, i.e. privilege to read and write the record's columns, delete this column and the privilege to grant privileges to this record. Moreover, if it's specified in the table privilege description, the EVERYBODY usergroup may (or may not) be granted some privileges for this record - read or write its columns or delete this record.

Standard roles' privileges are also granted automatically.

After importing an application, the application's role Administrator (and possibly Author) are automatically populated.

The privileges can be set (and get) by the appropriate action from the Control Panel or by SQL language methods described here.